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Dear Members and Friends,

As we roll in to 2017-2018, I am excited about the challenges we face in our quest to achieve the following agenda items. I know it will take hard work and dedication by our entire membership in providing the support that is necessary to fund, execute and implement these plans and achieve the level of success we are capable of.

We’ll be looking for ideas, submitted through our committees or individually, that will challenge us and provide opportunities to highlight our organization.



  1. Development of Signature Service Projects (Caribbean Fusion)
  2. Core Service Projects (High School Scholarship awards & Thanksgiving giveback)
  3. Other Service Activities (Back to school drives, Health & Wellness programs, etc.)


  1. Signature Fund Raisers
  2. Other Fund Raisers
  3. Building a Sponsorship Base


  1. Implementing Relevant Provisions of Revised Bylaws
  2. Inventory Management and Control System
  3. Improve Planning and Control Systems (for greater Committee Accountability)
  4. Administrative Manual/Procedures
  5. Automating Membership and Financial Records
  6. Building Development
  7. Website Development and Enhancements
  8. Membership Education and Development Programs



  1. CAFA Recognition Gala
  2. This Gala would be hosted by CAFA as a SIGNATURE SERVICE ACTIVITY – to gain wide public recognition over time.
  3. Each year the Recognition Gala would honor one person in each of the following six (6) categories whose service has made a major impact on the community

    a. Education (A Past for present Teacher/Educator or Education Administrator)
    b. Public Service ( A past or Present Gov’t Official or Public Servant)
    c. Business (a past or present business leader)
    d. Religion (A past of present church leader
    e. A Major Sponsor or Donor
    f. A long-serving CAFA member whose service to CAFA has made a difference

  4. The persons/honorees would be selected both for their service and for their strong community following so that their strong following would attend the function.

We remain grateful for our existing sponsors and look forward to influencing others to join our mission.

As president, I look forward to working with an accomplished and committed board, and with all of you to develop stronger opportunities for our youth, our seniors, and making a positive impact in our community.


Andy King