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I am proud and I am most honored and humbled to be elected President of the Caribbean And Floridian Association, Inc. for 2023/2024, and with the help and support of my team of newly installed Board members and fellow CAFA members, I will do my best to meet the challenge serving in this role. Our association has been built on a strong leadership foundation, and I am fortunate to have a membership that is fully committed to the mission and continues to go the extra mile in building CAFA and conducting the many worthwhile projects that we undertake for the benefit of our community.

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate Immediate Past President Lloyd and members of the outgoing Board for doing a wonderful job in holding us together despite the many challenges presented by the Covid pandemic the past few years. During his tenure, Lloyd did many things to show his support for me as his successor, and I thank him, and caution him that I will be depending on his continued support throughout my tenure.

My vision for CAFA in the next 2 years is 7-fold:

Yes, it is true that “Caribbean Fusion Festival” has become a household name here in this region and over 10,000 people have made this event a staple of participation each year since 2010. In addition, let me state proudly that the Caribbean Fusion Festival has risen through the ranks to the very top, recently being named a City of Kissimmee “Signature Event.” Plus, our annual “Turkey Giveaway” has been functional in feeding hundreds of families each year at thanksgiving. We continue to honor graduating high school students in the community by providing cash scholarships on a competitive basis, annually.

But we still have work to do: (see details below).


  1. Enlarge the Service Portfolio and Service Impact of CAFA (Another Signature project targeting a community need, service partners, recruiting members to support this, etc.
  2. Build the Membership Strength of CAFA (Age, capabilities, Alignment with service goals, engagement, Membership development etc.)
  3. Build the Leadership Strength of CAFA (Succession Planning, Leadership Training, workshops etc.)
  4. Build the Financial Strength of CAFA (Partners, Donors, build membership to accomplish this, etc.
  5. Acquire a Home for CAFA and a permanent base of operations and future revenue generator from subleases
  6. Heighten the Public Profile of CAFA
  7. Enhance Administrative Operations -Adopting Technology to support this

 I would like to continue the work that was started by Past President Phillips in completing the “Operations Manual.”

As we increase our presence in the community it will help us to increase our membership and allow us to foster the incredible fellowship we have in this organization.

I would also like to congratulate each of the new Board members. Our fellow association members have shown their confidence in you and me by electing us to our respective positions, and I look forward to serving with you.

Our mission at CAFA is “to provide charitable and humanitarian services to improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged, youth and elderly at risk in Central Florida.”

Our compassion and our ability to open our hearts to those in need combined with our commitment to share our time, talent, and resources with those who are less fortunate is what causes us CAFA members to do the extraordinary things that we do. It’s what makes CAFA so appealing.”

There are many needy people throughout our community and the world whose only hope will come from the services we provide. Let us all leave here ready to make their lives better in any way that we can. As CAFA members, it will not be good enough to give only what we have left over or what we can spare, but we must truly give of ourselves with new vigor in support of the mission of CAFA. Let us lead the way as CAFA following our vision of being “an agent for change creating rewarding and fulfilling lives.”


Andy King – President
The Caribbean And Floridian Association, Inc.