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s the Caribbean and Floridian Association moves forward in it’s many planned endeavors to serve our community and membership in 2019 and beyond, there’s much for us to thankful for. But first, I would like to give a special thank-you to our outgoing Executive Board for the strong leadership shown over the past four years. Their dedication to CAFA not only stood the test of time, but indelibly through their dedication and hard work, built a stronger association for which we are all grateful and proud. It’s the intention of my incoming Executive Board to continue the strong leadership shown by Past-President Arnold “Andy” King and his outgoing Executive Board. On behalf of our entire membership, we say thank you.

The next four years will see our current Executive Board implementing our vision, with the help of our members and community partners. As part of the vision, it’s our goal to develop an after-school program to assist students within the community achieve a higher level of learning. This will be accomplished by utilizing various educators within the organization and wider community. I would also like to engage the organization in a feed-the-poor program. We will work towards this vision by creating and facilitating a food pantry, which will help us to feed the homeless and other families in need of assistance. The Solid Rock Church of God will play a role in this process. I would also like to grow our signature event the Caribbean Fusion Festival to a higher level. It’s my intent for the Caribbean Fusion Festival to grow into a three day event. Noteworthy, I have already garnered strong support from stakeholders and other politicians towards attaining this goal. I am confident with our continued strong leadership, dedicated membership and community partners, all of our goals are achievable.

 There’s much to learn about CAFA, of which you can do so by visiting our website www.cafainc.org. There you will find a historical overview of who we are and what we do. The site is filled with many past events and photographs. Be sure to look at our upcoming schedule of events, so that you can stay up-to-date while continuing to support our great Association.

 Noteworthy, the membership of CAFA are very thankful for the great support we have continued to receive from our Mayor, City and County Commissioners, Osceola TDC, Experience Kissimmee, Kissimmee Utility Authority, The Kissimmee Police and Osceola County Sheriff Departments, and business partners. We are also very thankful to you, our patrons, whom have supported us in our many endeavors. We could not have accomplish our goals without your support. And to our dedicated members, you’re the best, for CAFA would not be the great Association it is, without your unwavering support. Have a great 2019. Thank you.

 Lloyd Phillips

President for

The Caribbean And Floridian Association, Inc.