(407) 429-5304 - Caribbean And Floridian Association, Inc. - A 501(c)(3) Organization - info@cafainc.org

Committee Members:

 Donna Cadogan
 Pearl Williams
Junie Monroe
 Veronica Murrell
 Gordon Vandoimen
 Clarice Vandoimen
 Eunice Roberts
 Norma Robinson
 Lloyd Phillips
 Noel Cadogan
 Joan Durant
 Casmore Shaw
 Esmie LaRose
 Ramona Martin
 Ludlow Muir
 Penny Simon
Andy King

Schedule of Events – 2017

2017 Events & Dates will be posted soon
Sun. April 30th - Caribbean Fusion – 
                  Lakefront Park Kissimmee, FL.
Sat. June 3rd - Bus Ride – Fort DeSoto Park

Sat. June 24th - Sat. July 1st - Cruise
Sun. July 9th - Anniversary Church Service
                St. John's Episcopal Church
                Kissimmee, FL.

 Sat. Aug. 26 - Family Fun Day –
                Kissimmee, Fl.  Lakefront Park
Sat. Oct. 14 - Anniversary Luncheon
TBA - Christmas Party
Sun. Dec. 31, 2017 - New Year’s Party